MISSION STATEMENT: The mission of the Board of Directors of the Lakeridge
Homeowners Association is to enhance the quality of life in our neighborhood while maintaining
common areas and preserving and enhancing the value of all properties. All activities
will be conducted in a manner in which our covenants and bylaws are upheld,
and appropriate, fiscally responsible investment in capital improvements will be made to
benefit the entire community. In so doing, the Board members will serve by taking an objective,
fair, and ethical approach in all activities, and acting in the best interests of
the community to understand the needs of all its members. As a result, the community
will be maintained as a safe, friendly, and enjoyable place for each homeowner and
their families to live, promoting a true sense of community.

VISION STATEMENT: We envision a community of neighbors working together to make
Lakeridge a desirable place that all residents are proud to call home. In so doing, a safe,
friendly, caring, and respectful neighborhood, with a high quality of life for all, will be maintained
. Lakeridge will be a community where there is cooperation to maintain and
grow the value of our properties in an environment where our families, friends, and
community relationships flourish, so that residents and non-residents understand that
Lakeridge as a highly desirable place in which to live.